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Friday, October 12, 2012

Spooky Graffiti!

Had a play date with a friend and her kids, and we went to Fort Warden State Park in Port Townsend, Washington.  The Military Bunkers are SUPER fun to run through and around.  I found some SPOOKY graffiti to snap some shots of.  I think I'm going to carve a rubber stamp.....ya think?

 How about this guy (naughty)?  LOVE IT! 

This one? Not so spooky.

Did CHLOE do these? Hope she doesn't mind if I make some stamps out of her wall art.

YES....we made our kids walk through the SPOOKY, LOoooong, pitch black, Bunker halls (they only screamed a little bit). The only light we had was me taking pictures with the flash. 

 Builds character...right?
Well..... at least it gives me good fodder for writing letters.... and a new rubber stamp or two.

Is it raining at your house?
It is here.
It's good weather for making mail!


  1. Is that you Miss Millicent - a blond, blue eyed beauty??!! (with a beautiful baby) I vote for carving some stamps - they would be so much fun. take care. xoDonna

  2. those will make great stamps! your bunker day sounds great. there was an old bunker near my college campus that I always thought was so cool. it rained all week here, but today was an achingly beautiful fall day with the bluest sky in the world. soaking in that daylight as much as possible.

  3. good stamp idea. You are my kinda mom! My kids here "suck it up buttercup", often. beautiful weather here. I hope to "shoot up" PA with my camera this week.
    Fall is at it's peak here.