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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm back!

This is where I get MY "Good mail".
Port Angeles is a nice town to live in, and my neighborhood is great for kids- there's a park up the street.
I'm all moved in....finally, and I think that I have my Mail Art  situation under control.  I'm making my way through the "write back" pile, and I've even found a bit of time for some collaged PCs.
Made these on old 90's .20 USPS post cards.


Hope all of you have had an amazing Summer.  I know that I have.
BUT....I think I'm ready for Fall because today I bought a red coat at Costco, got the ingredients for making Chili, and even turned the heat on tonight for the first time.  OMG!!!



  1. Hello Miss Millicent! So happy you are settled. LOVE the post cards. You are so creative. Hope my letter arrived. xoDonna

  2. Looks like you are back in action! Nice to read your blog again!
    xoxx, jill