Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Address!

This is the view that I'm moving away from- Mt. Rainier (sad).  Off to the Olympic peninsula I go!

New Address!
Please Mail Bomb me at:

Millicent Winter
1204 S. Cedar St. #2
Port Angeles, WA.

Thursday, June 14, 2012



Little, OLD Post Office.

U.S. MAIL-  Isn't it wonderful?  I found a little, OLD  Post Office out on the Olympic Peninsula (Washington State).

This is it.  The Joyce General Store.  It celebrated it's Centennial in 2011.  It has tons of charm, and a really awesome selection of goodies, from local produce to little random gifts, not to mention beer and chips.  Speaking about BEER (which I adore), the store uses those OLD store refrigerators to keep the BEER cold- It's like walking into the 30's (today's prices though..LOL).  All that, AND a POST OFFICE!

Check it out! 

These PO Boxes were in the back of the store (not in service).  The store clerk told me that they were pre-Lincoln in age- WOW.  I tried looking up some History on it, but couldn't find any info.

When you walk through the front door of the store, this is what you see-
 Little, OLD PO Boxes.
I'm going to be moving out by this little store for the summer....I'll have a NEW address soon.
I'll keep you POSTED.