Friday, November 16, 2012

Boney Up! I know that Halloween is over, but I wanted to share with you, my October art project.  Lucy and I took over the dinner table and had a super fun collage day, and this is what I ended up making.

The skeletons are from some cocktail napkins that I bought at Walmart.  I HAD to have them. Anyway, I made the brightly colored collages and then mod-podged the napkins on the top.  The texture was genius- I really like how they turned out.

I made two post cards and a larger piece that I used for the cover of a small junk journal (5x7ish) titled BONEY UP TO THE BAR. One of the cards was sent off to a Halloween themed swap-bot, and the other one I kept for myself.  I made color copies and mailed a few off to friends.

Here is the first entry in the journal.  I hope to find more time to journal- my soul really craves it.

Here is a journal page that I did for a swap where I was directed to NOt use any glue to put the collage down.  So, sewing and staples hold it together.

I hope you are all finding time to create......
because it is SOOOOO fun!