Saturday, March 22, 2014

Millie and Mail.

How long can one go without mail? Well, this gal can't take it for very long.  But, I know that you have to send get mail. 


I've been one busy Mom lately- kids running my life, and I've been ignoring my pen pals AND my art (and this blog).

Well, here are some things that I've put together in the last few weeks.

Collage and some swap-bot challenges have helped me to get my mail art motor running again.

Some St.Patrick's inspired envelopes.

I got the sewing machine out for this envie- I love sewing paper together (give my glue stick a little vacation).

What's better than getting flowers from your sweetheart?  .... getting STAMPS from him (old unused and used).

My husband found a little thrift shop close to his office, and look what he found for ME! I'll be going back to see what other treasures it holds. Three dollars for a fat little bag of usable postage-YUMMY! A book of used stamps from Europe and the USA, and a leather postcard mailed to Chicago postmarked 1906.  How cool, huh?  
Well, I've missed you all, and I hope to post more often. Until next time, Have FUN in the mail. 

-------> The first two pictures in this post are from the children's book,"Millie waits for the Mail".