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Friday, May 11, 2012

My Art Room

This is where the *magic* happens folks.  No, I don't let my husband in here - this is the place where I play in the mail.  But....when I'm enjoying this space, I'm usually fighting for room.  The dog is always in the way under my desk and my daughter likes to "spin" on my office chair.  Now, I have a baby swing in here to maneuver around.
I finally get my own Art space.......and I have to share it.  Damn.

My Art room is a mess.  I have WAY too much crap.  I refuse to organize.

Hoarder? YES! Should I spring clean it?  NO!
Heck....stamps don't take up that much room anyway.


  1. my husbnd is not allowed to use the "O" word
    ( organize)on me. my work space looks like yours! sometimes I break down and ask my husband to in my work space and toss a few things out, I close my eyes. me clean it...
    NO WAY!!!!

  2. doesn't it totally rock to have your own room? I love that I can make a total mess and walk away. and it can stay a mess forever if I want because it's MY ROOM. I'm occasionally gracious enough to sweep the pile of crap off the couch and onto the floor so that Max can hang out and read or chat with me. and since I rather like his company these days I'm willing to make the sacrifice :)

  3. This is great! I should post my room and you will think you're a neat freak! Ha!
    I love your mailbox too! jealous! We have a neighborhood cluster box thing. boring!
    Got your cool postcard. I'll write when i get back from vacation, or along the way! I'm bringing mail art friend addresses!

  4. I feel so much better! and I have done this with not only one room, but TWO and on two floors--having this sort of work space keeps the rest of the house tidy, but watch out for flying bits of glue in Room One or Room Two. And I bet, like most of us, you can put your hands on what you want the majority of the time...I'm not saying always...but most of the time--smooch to you and your creative bug! KSP