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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Little, OLD Post Office.

U.S. MAIL-  Isn't it wonderful?  I found a little, OLD  Post Office out on the Olympic Peninsula (Washington State).

This is it.  The Joyce General Store.  It celebrated it's Centennial in 2011.  It has tons of charm, and a really awesome selection of goodies, from local produce to little random gifts, not to mention beer and chips.  Speaking about BEER (which I adore), the store uses those OLD store refrigerators to keep the BEER cold- It's like walking into the 30's (today's prices though..LOL).  All that, AND a POST OFFICE!

Check it out! 

These PO Boxes were in the back of the store (not in service).  The store clerk told me that they were pre-Lincoln in age- WOW.  I tried looking up some History on it, but couldn't find any info.

When you walk through the front door of the store, this is what you see-
 Little, OLD PO Boxes.
I'm going to be moving out by this little store for the summer....I'll have a NEW address soon.
I'll keep you POSTED.


  1. Oly Pen for the summer? sweet! those PO boxes are amazing. love that sort of sad picture of the brooms and fire extinguisher in the corner. poor unused boxes.

  2. That looks awesome! I wanna go there!