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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mail box

 Hello my friends (all 10 followers...hee hee).  I realized that I didn't have an address available on my blog- silly me. Well It's there now.  Anyway- this isn't a picture of MY mail box, but one that I saw the other day on a stroll with my kids.  Isn't it great?  I want a custom box.  Do any of you have a COOL one? 


  1. so cool! My mailbox could not possibly be more boring. (on the outside anyway)

  2. my mailbox is sad.the door is off. it's been hit by a baseball bat---teenagers. I'll post a picture soon on my blog. I live in a rual area so it's easy to let it go. but it's in such bad shape I should replace it. it's even rusted..well used..

  3. I dont have a cool one, but I would really like to someday. Some girls dream of the perfect house..but I dream of the perfect mailbox!