Monday, April 15, 2013

Thrift Store Treasures!

The sun is shinning here in Port Angeles, so the kids and I are playing outside.  Chalk art is the most fun!  But while I have a moment alone, I'm going to show you my latest Thrift Treasures.

For $1 I got this packet of USPS Bright Eyes Stamps that included 10 folding note cards.

How cool is this? $1...really?  I LOVE finding stamps at Goodwill.  

Picked up this Laurel Burch stationary for .50 cents (I've always admired her artwork).

Got tons of used stamps- many of them from Europe.  I was able to find several unused USA stamps in the pile to make up for the $6 that I spent on them (score).

I'm addicted- what can I say?  .20 cent chicken memo pad?  YES please! Thank you James Dean for being so damn gorgeous that they put you on a stamp. Yummy!
Now, I better publish this post, so that I can go write some letters- I wanna use some of my new Bright Eyes stamps.


  1. OK. I am seriously jealous. NO WAY would we find things like that at the Goodwills here in SF.

  2. Really? I'm always so jealous of all of your finds. If only there was a SCRAP or paper fair type event around here- I'd go broke, my friend.

  3. so glad your back on line! I got your letter, Thanks!
    I hope to make some mail art soon.

  4. I need to shop at YOUR thrift stores. I've never found stamps at mine!

  5. I've never found stamps at the thrift store, either! That would be amazing! I've come out with some pretty great hauls at auctions, though. What fun!

  6. OK! I admit it .. jealous! No thrift shops here ... miss them terribly. I will live through your adventures. You really scored! Have fun with your treasures. hugs, Donna

  7. So much fun! Good for you. Now I know where the parrot came from. Thanks! There are so many stamps I've never seen. My loss, surely. Well, maybe not since discovering them now is such fun.

    Lovely posts.

  8. Neat finds! Hey, I used to have that cat stationary!