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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mail Art Moment.

With baby Lily sleeping tons and my other two kids under the weather, I've had some free time to make some mail art.  I made Post Cards using an old Doll book and a fashion magazine- some rubber stamps and packing tape transfers (oh...and my heavy ol' pinking shears).
I just LOVE making tape transfers.... a lot!  I'm always amazed at how EASY it is.
This one goes out to KSP... my first in the series.
My muse for this one is Lovely Karen Isaacson.  The colors made me think of you.  PLUS- I spent my morning coffee reading almost all of your past blog posts (you're so frickin' talented and funny AND energized (wish I could brew some of what YOU got...LOL!)).
This awesome stamp came to me in the mail today.  I SOOOO need a sheet of these for my Post Cards....IRONIC!
Gotta go- Lucy needs me to help her with dress-up.  Mom to the rescue!!
Send mail--> make art-USE thaat glue stick-and put a stamp on it.


  1. *blush* you are too kind. can't wait to get that gorgeous postcard in my hot little hands. Just spent 2 hours in the company of george clooney and my girlfriends and now I'm too hot and bothered to go to bed. time to make more postcards! -K

    1. George!!! YES! Bothered.....YES! (he's just HOT). Post card will be hittin' your po box ...soon. *smile and wink*.

  2. Nice mail! Saw the photo of Lily in your last post, so sweet!

  3. Look at you go! I see my lovely card in there too! yay Millicent has a blog! So excited!
    Baby Lily is adorable.
    ps. I put a new interview w/ a mail carrier up today. :0)
    take care. mail coming soon.