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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SNAIL goodness!

My sweet little Lily.
My baby sleeps- while I type.  Never knew that typed white noise was so effective.  YES- I'm able to play in the mail.
Found these adorable baby outfits for Lily- had no idea what I had purchased until I got home.  I just saw "cute", "little", and "pink", so I paid the lady.
Both outfits had little SNAILS on them.  REALLY?  I had a good laugh (wish there were little mail boxes on them too).
GREAT mail days for me while I've been layin' low at home with the newborn.  I Thank you all for the fun postal awesomeness! 
My Dear Kick asS pen-Pal spoiled me with fun-to-read mail.  Love that lady and her amazing sense of humor.


  1. Hello sweet Lily! How nice to meet you!

  2. What a beautiful baby! I want one. :)
    Sweet outfits.
    Why DO men have nipples?

    Oh. Cool mail. LOL.