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Friday, February 24, 2012

Outgoing Mail.

Making envelopes is so flippin' FUN!  In the "Here comes Spring" envie, I added 2 more little decorated envelopes to go along with the letter..... I used the same children's book for all three.  AND... I've been practicing on my typewriter (I really stink).  So for those of you who get a typed letter from me- SORRY ABOUT ALL OF THOSE TYPOS.   


  1. getting a typewriter made my realize how much my typing skills have declined. in the world of word processing and autocorrect I no longer strive to type with accuracy. of course the typewriter i inherited is a relatively modern electronic one with the second ribbon of correction tape and a correction key that automatically goes back, remembers the previous letters and strikes them again on top of the correction ribbon making the mistake virtually invisible. I still remember those little squares of correcting stuff that you inserted on top of your paper and backspaced to your mistake and hoped you had everything lined up right. it was highly motivating to slow down and be accurate the first time!

  2. I thought about getting a typewriter...I can't spell. so all thoughts on the subject are gone. but the "look" of something typed on an old fashion typewriter is cool.
    nice envelopes. always fun to see in the mail box!

  3. i miss using a typewriter... i remember my dad sold ours with some pile of metal to a junk shop a decade ago. it has a different charm, isnt it?