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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jig Saw and Joker

Found some goodies today.  Look at these HUGE playing cards- Love them.  I got the whole deck too.

These Jig Saw Puzzle cards are awesome....vintage tourist, and I'm going to be mailing them out into the World.

I might have to keep this one.

Outgoing mail

Vintage VEGAS mail art makes me HAPPY!

Had a sheet of these killer Elvis stamps..... only have 2 left now.   Gonna miss them when I stick the last one *cry*.

My daughter has a new Pen Pal! 
 I think it's so cool that my kid is going to help keep the USPS alive (I'm buying lots of stamps these days).  She's almost 5 year old, and she's sent more mail than most adults...LOL.

*Dear Santa......just stuff my stocking with postage*

Have a Magical Mail Day!


  1. those jigsaw cards are super cool. and I see my name on one of those envelopes....YAY.

    1. Yes Karen- a looooong letter for you. and maybe a Jig Saw puzzle too *wink*.

  2. OMG. Are you sitting on a zebra, girl? :) That is so enviable. Like that deck of cards. I keep promising myself to make a set but shucks, that's a whole lot of drawing. Like the MJ. And I love that mail from Davia! She is such a sweet girl. And yes, she and her mom send great mail. Thinking I made a great match with D&L.

    Um, girl, Santa is in the Bahamas. I saw him.

  3. bad joke in 3...2...1....
    Are you getting jiggy with it?! hee!

  4. wow, cool mail ideas! you find the best things.