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Thursday, April 5, 2012

*Birthday ART*

Happy Birthday to ME (back on March 31st)!!!  I celebrated at home with my kids this year.  My husband was off on a fishing trip, so it was a mellow weekend.  The only cake I got...was on this beautiful Post card from Pamela (Yum!).  I rented the movie Puss-n-boots and picked up a Papa Murphy's Pizza ( favorite).  Even managed a glass of red wine.  PARTY!

Check out this awesome piece of B-Day mail.  KSP sent this to me.....LOVE it!  My mail Lady told me today, that she sure gets a kick out of the goodies that she puts in my mailbox (she's really sweet...lucky me!).

This card is from my 4 1/2 year old daughter.  She embellished it with stickers and drawings......super sweet.  She is a budding mail artist.


  1. Happy birthday!!!..a little late!
    Oh my god, I am loving that cow! Brilliant!

  2. that is a mighty cool bull/cow/thingy. all that AND a glass of wine? sounds pretty darn good to me.

  3. Happy birthday! Mommy birthdays are so special. That cow is right up my Taurus alley.

    Such an artist, that Miss L is! Whoa! Reminds me of my zombie berd. LOL.

  4. Happy Birthday! sounds like you had a good day.